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How Ola VIP works

Ola Water is excited to offer our VIP Membership program. With the Ola VIP Membership, you can get exclusive services, offers, discounts, eligible to enter the raffle draws and many more benefits.

Free Delivery Service

Ola Bottled Water FREE DELIVERY within Colombo and suburbs. Delivery available from 7 am to 8 pm. 6 days of week delivery service. Urgent on call delivery available after CRO approval.

Discount Prices

Price is only Rs 200.00 per bottle(19L). 50% discount for dispenser service. 50% off from MRP per bottle. Earn Reward Points & Exclusive Deals. Annual discounts and give always.

Free VIP Membership Card

Annual raffle draws. Party service - No deposits for bottles. Online support. 24 hrs customer care. Annual water report submission. Credit card payment facility.

About Ola Bottled Water Sri Lanka

Our Story begins from 2013. Ola Bottled Water was established to cater as a health conscious business venture from the beginning itself. The Land and facility developed in accordance to harmonies the nature in order to provide premium product with sustainable repute.

The Factory is designed as an environmental friendly and greenery unit which would not hampered the natural richness of greenery surroundings and aquifers in geographically unique Kimmanthudawa , Bandaragama where the natural water beds are blessed and most suited to Bottled Water.

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Why Ola

Bottled Drinking Water

Hygienically tested deep underground source

Where the rich biologically tested springs located hundreds of feet below bedrock in secured two acre land. Free from all impurities , untouched by pollutants

Biologically purifies

no added chemicals and designed with biophysical purification process where nature harmonizes always with each and every element of process.

Enriched with natural minerals and natural freshness

Ola water itself is having 6.8 Ph level and vital minerals in specific and desired levels to maximize your health benefits.

Current Prices

OLA BOTTLED WATER has achieved Health Ministry Approval (CFA/BW/173/2017-01) and SLS 894 accreditation from the inception itself, due to its professional and best suite appeal to the industry.

  Ex Factory Price Delivery Price MRP
500ml Rs 20.00 Rs 25.00 Rs 35.00
1000ml Rs 30.00 Rs 35.00 Rs 50.00
1500ml Rs 33.00 Rs 40.00 Rs 70.00
5l Rs 100.00 Rs 120.00 Rs 150.00
19l   Rs 200.00 Rs 300.00